Your Blueprint to Breaking 80

Discover the simple plan to consistently shoot in the 70's

Simple Keys to Consistently Scoring Under 80

1. Making Par and Managing Bogeys:

Strategic golf is about playing each hole with a tactic in mind, and sometimes that tactic is damage control. Making par isn’t just about those near-miss birdies; it’s about ensuring that when you do bogey, it doesn’t spiral into something worse. It's about maintaining focus, utilizing a recovery strategy, and staying calm post-mishap, ensuring one stray ball doesn’t dictate the round.

2. Wise Plays on Par Fives:

The par fives are not always the scoring opportunities they appear to be if approached recklessly. Choose a more conservative strategy: laying up when needed and avoiding unnecessary risks. It’s about making intelligent choices that could mean opting for a longer iron off the tee for a safer fairway hit or playing a layup to your preferred wedge distance.

3. Hitting 5-7 Greens Per Round:

Hitting the green is about knowing your clubs, understanding your swing, and playing to your strengths. The Speed Trap 2.0 is a noteworthy ally here, enabling consistent, square contact and assisting in analyzing swing path and impact point, helping your approach shots into to the green becomes more predictable and reliable. Check out this video from Clay Ballard on how to use the Speed Trap to make clean contact and develop more consistency with your approach shots.


4. Two-Putting from Distance:

Consistently two-putting from long distances requires a blend of excellent pace control and good green reading. Playing it safe and aiming for a secure two-putt strategy is vital in managing those longer putts. It’s not about being defensive, but rather being smart and recognizing when being aggressive may lead to unforced errors, ensuring your next putt is a tap-in, not a knee-knocker.

The short putts for par or bogey can mentally be the most challenging, despite their simplicity. Training with tools like the Groove Putting Mirror ensures you’re aligned, your stroke is compact and consistent, and every putt under 10 feet becomes a confident stroke, greatly minimizing those heartbreaking lip-outs.

5. Getting Up and Down for Par:

When you miss a green, a clutch chip can be your saving grace. Prioritizing landing zones, managing roll out, and ensuring your chips finish close enough for a manageable putt can drastically stabilize your round, mitigating potential scorecard damage.


Groove Putting Mirror

Toss it down, line it up, and build confidence effortlessly. The Groove Putting Mirror, shaped from 20 years of insights from Tour players, assures you get those fundamentals down pat: check your setup lines, align that putter face, spot your eye position, and assure sweet-spot contact with putter gate slots. Just a quick check and back in the bag it goes. Head to the first tee hunting for birdies!


Speed Trap 2.0

The Speed Trap 2.0 was developed to help you do two things, hit it longer and hit it straighter! Develop an on-plane swing by learning to swing the club between the speed rods. It's an incredible tool for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leading to straighter longer shots. The polycarbonate base tells you instantly If you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat -- instant feedback on chip and pitch shots.